416 WSM (Winchester SHort Magnum)

There are some who have come to this section with a lot of curiosity and maybe excitement. We're going to burst your bubble and inform you that the 416 WSM did not make the cut for our product line. We really wanted it to work and it did. The numbers were not significant enough for us to say, this is a good step up from the 375 WSM but saves you from the brutal 458. Problem with that, our 458 isn't brutal and is super versatile. 

Remember all of the cases are from the same parent. You get a little more recoil from the 458 WSM because the bullet is heavier. But it is not something you are going to really notice. The amount of powder used to push each projectile is roughly the same. We feel if you need more gun than the 375 WSM, the 458 WSM is the logical choice.

The 458 WSM offers so many different bullet options to where the 416 WSM didn't. Go check out the 458 WSM and we are sure you will be a lot happier.