Welcome alpha6 tactical clients


Please go through our website and learn about all of our great firearms and calibers. We take each build seriously and have leadership approval on everything that goes out the door.

Copy and paste the format below in an email, put Alpha6 Tactical Client in the subject line and fill out everything to your heart's desire. A VA Silent Arsenal staff member will contact you to make sure everything is the way you want it.

You will receive an additional(we may have a sale going on) $100 off the price of the firearm and 25% off any accessory! Thank you for being an Alpha6 Tactical and VA Silent Arsenal client.

First Name, Last Name

Billing Address

City, State, Zip code

Phone Number

Goals and Purpose of your firearm - 

Firearm Model - 

Caliber -

Barrel (Length, Fluting, any other options you would like) -

Handguard Length and Type (KeyMod, MLOK) TXH ONLY - 

Stock/ Grip - (AR) We can get almost any but usually use MAGPUL MOE

Stock (Bolt Action) - Any that have a M5(Badger) Detach Box Magazine Cut

Color -

Suppressor(Do you have your own or want one) - 

Trigger (We carry Giessle, Trigger Tech, Franklin Armory, ALG Defense)- 

Accessories ( QD Sling attachment, light, laser, ect) -

Scope (Yes or no? We carry to many to list!) - 

We will include ammo options based on your selection.

Comments and Questions - 


Exclusive to Alpha 6 Tactical clients is the TXH-F15 in 5.56!