XBA-700 MAGNUM (Xtreme Bolt action)

XBA-700 MAGNUM 6.5 WSM - 458 WSM

- Remington 700 Short Action Receiver, Magnum Bolt Face

- Barrels. 12.5"-26", 416r Stainless Steel, Match. Twist rates vary.

- Many Stock Options. HS Precision, Bell&Carlson, AG Composites

- Bottom Metal. BDL, Wyatts, Accurate MAG DBM

- REM X Trigger

- Color Options dependent on stock brand

Upgrades: Many Brands of everything! Ask for anything you like.

- Blueprinted/Trued Remington Stainless Steel Action

- Muzzle Device, too many to list.

- Silencer: SilencerCo, Rugged Suppressors, SureFire, many more.

- Optics: Burris, Leupold, many more.

- Triggers: Geissele, Trigger Tech, ask for other options

- Custom Cerakote

- Carbon Fiber Barrels

- REMAGE Barrels for interchanging.

Every build is different and we take it seriously. Each client has thorough communication with our staff to build even the most basic firearm. ALL NFA RULES APPLY - Check your local and state laws.

Price Starting at $1649

Email us to order yours!