Buckle Up!

When we saw the first few 8.6 Creedmoor videos, our leadership stated that they giggled. When a video surfaced saying that 338 FEDERAL couldn't do pretty much anything 8.6 Creedmoor does, a serious fire was lit within the President and COO. They had already been hunting with a 338 that could shoot super and subsonic ammo. That was and is 338 FEDERAL

With the want for a Magnum AR set aside, the 338 FEDERAL idea was drawn out and our founders decided it was time to release this wonderful creation to the world. Having this caliber cycle reliably is much harder than the original 300 Blackout efforts. Dozens and dozens of barrels turned to paper weights after 2 shots.

Even though we had 4 personal firearms we built that worked well, to make this an almost never fail production item, a lot more development was involved. We saw 8.6 Creedmoor and a few other 338s using proprietary bullets to accomplish this super and subsonic concept. Weights and designs we thought were horrible ideas. We only use off the shelf bullets. 

With most of our concepts, availability and versatility are always at the top of the list. Below are the various types of ammo we make and use. Everything is off the shelf and will even provide load data to our clients at no cost. We are a community. Other manufactures just hand you a firearm and wave bye bye.

If you need something that can shoot faster and have more energy past 200 yards, go with the 338 WSM. If you want to stay with the super and subsonic concept but on a much larger scale, go with 458 WSM.


12.5" Barrel

Bullet                                                              MER

160gr Barnes TTSX    2475 FPS                 200 yds - Medium Sized Game 

180gr Accubond        2350 FPS                 250 yds - Medium Sized Game

200gr Speer SP         2300 FPS                 TBD

300gr Sierra MK        1050 FPS                  N/A Match Bullet - Target Use

Maker TREX                                                  MER

155 gr             2550 FPS                                TBD

165 gr             2450 FPS                               350 yds - Medium Sized Game

180 gr            2300 FPS                               300 yds - Medium Sized Game

300 gr           1050 FPS                                200 yds - Medium Sized Game

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