Below are the various loads for the 6.5 WSM.

^ Means the ammo is reshaped brass with a different head stamp. 

This could be 300 WSM or 270 WSM. Resizing brass reduces cost significantly. 

* Means properly head stamped brass.

140gr Accubond                                                    $43^         $60*      

142gr Accubond Long Range                            $39^         $57*

143gr ELD-X                                                            $35^          $52*

147gr ELD-M                                                           $34^         $50*

160gr WoodLeigh                                                 $51^          $68*

Our preferred ammo for most applications is the 143gr ELD-X. It is tougher than the ABLR regardless of barrel length. We are comfortable taking animals up to 500lbs out to 700 yards.

Need something heavy duty, try the 160gr WoodLeighs. This will take Elk sized game comfortably out to 400 yards.

Other loads have been developed. Email us if you would like other options or even something designed specifically for your requirements.