6.5 WSM (Winchester Short magnum)

Above Left, 6.5 Creedmoor & Right, 6.5 WSM

The 6.5 WSM was first written about in Outdoor Life magazine in 2007. Yes  2007. Well before the current 6.5 crazed world we live in. It was dubbed the 6.5 Leopard. You can still find that article and all the info still rings true.

We knew from the beginning this would probably be one of our most popular calibers. It's the FASTEST 6.5 CARTRIDGE IN AN AR PLATFORM!

The variety of bullets make the 6.5 caliber in general, very versatile. With high BCs and bullet weights up to 160gr, we felt it fit the bill for hunting out to 1,000 yards depending on bullet and the size of game. It makes for an amazing bench gun as well. 

If you want more power than that, it is safe to say you will need the 300 WSM with bullet weights starting at 180gr in our ammo. We didn't want to overload the product line with 270 and 7mm WSM. They are fine calibers but we feel the 160gr 6.5 WSM to the 180gr 300 WSM is a good next step.

Our ideal setup for this caliber is a 20" barrel and a Surefire or SilencerCo silencer. It gives the AR or Bolt action great balance while not giving you a very long gun. With a 20" barrel, the 6.5 WSM is around 250fps faster than a 24" 6.5 Creedmoor and rubbing shoulders with the 6.5 PRC that uses a 24" barrel. Going to an 18" barrel is ok. You would now be in-between the Creedmoor and PRC for speed.

Put this bad boy in a 24" barrel on a bolt gun and you are in a new dimension, looking in the rear view mirror screaming, "If you ain't first, your last!" 

For comparison- 

 24" Barrel 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady 143gr ELD-X Precision Hunter Ammo. 

2700 FPS at the muzzle. 700 yd performance -  1793 FPS 1021 FT LBS

Midway USA $35.99 a box of 20.

 24" Barrel 6.5 PRC Hornady 143gr ELD-X Precision Hunter Ammo. 

2960 FPS at the muzzle. 700 yd performance -  1998 FPS 1268 FT LBS

Midway USA $41.99 a box of 20.

24" Barrel 6.5 WSM VA Silent Arsenal 143gr ELD-X Production Ammo

3075 FPS at the muzzle. 700 yd performance - 2090 FPS 1387 FT LBS

From our store or our 3 other vendors $34.99 a box of 20.

Below are some numbers from our production and custom ammo lines. The last section MER (Maximum Effective Range) is based upon the bullets minimum expansion velocity and what we feel will be adequate for a clean harvest on medium sized game.

20" Barrel 

Bullet                                       Production              Custom           MER

95gr VMAX                              3465 FPS                 3510 FPS        800 yds Varmints

143gr ELD-X                            2900 FPS                 2990 FPS      800 yds

147gr ELDM                            2850 FPS                  2950 FPS        N/A Match

140gr Accubond                   2950 FPS                  3010 FPS        700 yds

142gr Accubond LR             2925 FPS                  3000 FPS       800 yds