358 WSM Ammo (358 WSM, right)


Below are the various loads for the 358 WSM.

^ Means the ammo is reshaped brass with a different head stamp. 

The brass we use is 325 WSM. Resizing brass reduces cost significantly. 

* Means properly head stamped brass. Custom Made. Reload specials if you send us your brass. *Reloading is only available for custom brass.

225gr Accubond                              ^$53             *$109  

250gr Partition                                 ^$67            *$114

275gr WoodLeigh                            ^$70            *$120


***SPECIAL*** Buy 100 rounds for $595, any choice of bullet and, get the entire batch reloaded for $125. Reload up to 3 additional times. That is 4 reloads per piece of brass. This equals out to be around $48 per box of 20 rounds!

If that isn't an amazing deal for one of the most powerful and versatile calibers in the world, slap yourself and read it again.

Our preferred ammo for most applications is the 250gr Partition. It is a tough bullet. We are comfortable taking animals like Moose, All Bears, and Eland, out to 400 yards. 

Other loads have been developed. Email us if you would like other options or even something designed specifically for your requirements.