338 WSM (Right)

Below are the various loads for the 338 WSM.

^ Means the ammo is reshaped brass with a different head stamp. 

The brass we use is 325 WSM. Resizing brass reduces cost significantly. 

* Means properly head stamped brass. Custom Made. Reload specials if you send us your brass. *Reloading is only available for custom brass.


225gr Accubond                                                   $52^         $99*  

230gr ELD-X                                                           $35^        $88*

250gr Partition                                                      $58^        $99*

250gr WoodLeigh                                                 TBD

Our preferred ammo for most applications is the 225gr Accubond. It is a tough bullet. We are comfortable taking animals like Moose, Grizzly, and Elk, out to 600 yards. That is only using an 18" barrel. Go with something longer, 1000+ yards is achievable. 

Other loads have been developed. Email us if you would like other options or even something designed specifically for your requirements.