Our first priority was making an AR work. That wasn't easy! Bolt actions were second because we knew it would be easier, we were somewhat correct. One morning this past winter, a staff meeting was held for another platform, and 3 hours later we had a path forward to having a few of the big WSMs in lever action. Take a new Browning BLR and convert it for our big calibers.

Here are some ideas and points of interest.

- It only made sense to have 358 WSM and up for this platform. Having a 6.5 WSM in lever action just doesn't make sense to us.

- Getting brand new Browning BLR's at OEM/Dealer prices can be rather difficult. Even on a standing order, it could be 6-12 months out. Thanks Browning....

- We offer these on a very limited basis as there is some very intense work to convert these lever actions to an XTREME Lever Action.

- Ideal use is a close range, thick cover firearm for medium to large game, with shots less than 200 yards.

- For you that love 45 caliber, check out all the various ammo we make for the 458 WSM. We can make lite loads that rival the strongest 45-70 or some that surpass traditional 458 WIN MAG Safari loads.