338 WSM (Winchester short magnum)

338 WSM (pictured on the right next to 6.5 WSM)

It has been said that Winchester tried very hard in the early 2000's to make the 338 WSM work. The whole point of the short magnums was to get close to duplicating the speed and energy of the longer magnums. During that time they were unsuccessful and the 325 WSM was released to the public instead of the 338 WSM.

With newer powders and advancements in technology, the 338 WSM thrives and does surpass its taller brother 338 Win Mag in most bullet classes. Like all of our guns, we prefer shorter barrels and suppressors so we can have an overall length equal to a normal rifle.

 We show so many comparisons to help you, the client fully grasp these marvels. We like this caliber in an 18" barrel with a suppressor and a 225gr Accubond bullet. We have full confidence taking Elk sized animals out to 500 yards with this setup. If you prefer a longer bolt action, Moose at 800+yards is definitely possible. The bullet choice should be carefully thought out. We offer many loads for this caliber. Another example is our 250gr WoodLeigh Safari Load. Great for Moose, Brown Bear, Kudu, and Eland to name a few.

The recoil of this caliber is very tame, even more so with a suppressor. Aside from Dangerous Game, this is probably the best caliber for medium to large game. With a 20" barrel, the 338 WSM exceeds the ballistics of most Nosler and Hornady ammo offered in the taller 338 Win Mag that uses a 24" barrel.

Below are numbers from our production ammo. Our custom line can yield even higher numbers. The last section, MER (Maximum Effective Range) is based upon the bullets minimum expansion velocity and what we feel will be adequate for a clean harvest on medium to large game. 

18" Barrel

Bullet                        Speed          Energy              MER

225gr Accubond    2675 FPS    3576 FT LBS     500 yds

230gr ELD-X           2625 FPS    3520 FT LBS     800 yds < XBA Only

250gr Partition      2550 FPS    3610 FT LBS     400 yds

250gr Woodleigh  2570 FPS   3665 FT LBS     300 yds