VA Silent Arsenal design and concepts

From Prez(Richie)

Hello everyone. Please take the time to read this section, the FAQ, and each item on our website. We publish a lot of information because what we offer is familiar in some ways and then off the rocker in others.

Our idea was to have high performance in common platforms. The WSM case accomplishes that. The other common calibers we offer have been maximized to use new potential as well as open the door to uncharted territory. There are a lot of twists but ultimately our firearms are of extremely high quality, outperform the competitors by far, and you get so much more for your money. With that, I want all to know that moving over to a wildcat or new caliber is one of the best things you can do. Now that you are seeing shortages in ammo and other supplies, you can still rely on us and other small businesses to fuel that awesome WSM, 338 FEDERAL or whatever else we build for you.

We have the means to study the market. If we had 10 or 10,000 WSMs out there, our supply would remain stable for ammo. For those who do not want to reload, look at our ammo prices. Our ammo is very well priced and you get so much bang for your buck, pun intended. In the near future, we will be taking over a major brass distributor with direct influence on our brass needs among some other calibers with the manufacturer.

If sales increase, production increases. It's that simple. This industry is driven by trends and myths. You do not have to be competing with tens of thousands of others for the same thing at Midway, Brownells, or wherever. We are a direct line to your needs. Look at 458 SOCOM for example. Our 458 WSM does all it can do and soooooo much more. 30-60% more speed, energy, needless to say a 725gr Subsonic bullet! It is a 458 Win Mag in a smaller package. Our initial cost for CNC'd brass is a little unfavorable but when you go through our reload program, it is the same price if not better than 458 SOCOM per shot.

I/we get the questions all the time, some covered below. Why wouldn't you buy a WSM or 338 FEDERAL? All we usually here is ammo availability. That answer doesn't hold very much weight. We have plenty of brass, powder to make ammo as needed. The response to that is, that you can't get it anywhere else. What is wrong with buying from the source? Why do you have to have 20 places to get it? Sole sourcing is one of the most cost effective ways for business and demand. Call other small ammo companies and they will make most for you. There prices won't be as good as ours but you have sources.

What happens if we go out of business? We are self funded, mentioned in FAQ. If we do not have breaking points financially and thrive off of desire and passion, you are almost guaranteed a better product and service for a VERY long time. We educate a lot when it comes to some of our products. Novice or experienced reloader. Both are provided the same level of attention to bring them to self sufficiency. Whether it is understanding the amount of use they have, load data, how often they will go through a box of ammo, etc.

Do you want to spend $2k on a 6.5 CM that is rather basic? Shoot 143gr ELDX at 2600ish FPS out of a 20" Barrel? Or, a 6.5 WSM that shoots the same bullet with the same length of barrel at 2900FPS? The ammo is pennies in price difference and the build speaks for itself. 

Your money also gets you a caliber that few have. That sets you apart from the minor leagues. Imagine 100 cars at a weekend car show. 20 or so Corvettes, Mustangs, a Porsche or 2. Then you roll in driving a Lamborghini Huracan with twin turbos. The best part about this whole thing is you are not spending much more than anyone else.

Once you are through the build and purchasing process, you will have confidence on where to get your reloading supplies or be able to simply communicate with us to supply your ammo needs.

We can answer the same questions week in and week out. Let all of those myths and fears go and take that step up above the rest. We look forward to you becoming a client because your just a customer everywhere else. "Send It, Quietly"


PREZ aka Richie 

Frequently Asked questions

Below are some FAQ's, we are always updating this page so check back often.

1.  Do you sell parts, accessories, components, or uppers? We do not sell any individual part to anyone who is not a client. This includes uppers and barrels. Our quality is more important to us than slinging parts. Frankenstein rifles that perform poorly is something we do not want to see out there or have a hand in. Now we do offer uppers, barrels, and anything else to current clients. Why? Because now we know what lower, reciever, stock, platform it is going in. Quality Control.

To take advantage of our superior pricing on accessories, you must purchase them in conjunction with a firearm or after the fact. Example: a $1,000 scope at a popular online retailer, our clients pay $850. 

2. Is VA Silent Arsenal a Store Front/ Dealer? No. We are zoned commercially as light industrial and according to the zoning map of where we are at in Northern VA, we are not authorized any type of foot traffic. We are a shop, it's how we like things anyway.

3. What are the twist rates of your barrels? This varies depending on caliber and most we do not simply publish. 

4. Why do you not sell to dealers or distributors? Everyone on our team was a regular consumer at one time. We wanted to keep prices very fair. We added a simple business model and kept it there. No overseas parts, manufacturing, or services. We would have to raise prices if we sold that way and that wouldn't let us sleep at night.

5. Do you export? For the most part no. We have made some great contacts in the Safari industry and are working on exporting to South Africa only.

6.  Is there additional discounts if I buy more than one item or accessory? OF COURSE! We love to do package deals and believe in giving additional savings any time we can.

7. Do you participate in LE or Military contracts?  We do. We have many products and services available. Appropriate authorities may email for more details and our leadership will reach out to you.

8. What are you build times?  On average, 8-10 weeks. We had (3) TXH-F15s done is 3 weeks recently. The stars just aligned and we were able to have them coated very quickly. Another recent delivery took 17 weeks. 6.5 WSM,  24" Barrel, XBA-700, trued and blueprinted, custom load development, etc. We are fairly quick for the high level of attention each client and firearm receives. 

9. Is VA Silent Arsenal individually owned? YES!!!! Not one dollar has been taken from a loan or an investor. We are self funded. What makes that great is you don't have to worry about us closing the doors and having the history we are creating be lost. Stupid business decisions are always made out of greed. At this company, that is something you never have to worry about. We love what we do, our employees are over the moon happy.