Below are the various loads for the 338 FEDERAL. This ammo is intended for our firearms only and is optimized for our barrel designs. We will only sell to our clients. Other off the shelf 338 FEDERAL ammo will work fine out of our firearms.

We use Federal Premium Brass and Federal Gold Match Primers

From Left to Right Above

160gr Barnes TTSX

165gr Maker TREX                                               

180gr Accubond                                              

200gr Speer SP                              

300gr Sierra MatchKing < Subsonic Range Ammo                                      

300gr Maker Subsonic Expander < Hunting Ammo


***SPECIAL***    $34 no matter which bullet you choose!!!!!!! per 20 rnds.

Other loads have been developed. Email us if you would like other options or even something designed specifically for your requirements.